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Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 5th Edition

978-0132574952 Chapter 01 Part 1

August 31, 2019
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
Chapter 1
Question 1
Type: MCSA
The nurse understands that nursing informatics is recognized as a specialty area of practice by which statement?
1. Research priorities for nursing informatics include the development of a standard nursing language and the
development of databases for clinical information.
2. A formal educational program at the master's level must be completed before a nurse is eligible to sit for the
credentialing examination.
3. As a differentiated practice, nursing informatics is focused upon the client, the environment, health, and the
4. There is a need for nursing informatics interests to gain representation by work groups and organizations within
the United States.
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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Question 2
Type: MCSA
Which statement by the nurse verifies that the nurse is "information literate"?
1. "I understand how to search for a website and evaluate its usefulness for health care needs."
2. "I utilize databases in the health care setting to input client information such as skin condition."
3. "I use email over the Internet to correspond with clients and provide information."
4. "I can use software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations."
Question 3
Type: MCSA
The nurse gathers much data when caring for clients. Which is an example of the higher-level "information"
useful in caring for clients?
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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1. The vital signs are BP of 130/70, HR of 88, RR of 24, temperature of 98.8 degrees F., and oxygen saturation of
2. Lab work results include an electrolyte panel and complete blood count with differential.
3. The client is a widowed 64-year-old black male admitted with prostatitis.
4. After receiving Rocephin (ceftriaxone sodium) 1.0 gram IV yesterday, the client reported feeling better today.
Question 4
Type: MCSA
Which statement best distinguishes the difference between information literacy and computer literacy?
1. Information literacy is unnecessary in health care whereas computer literacy provides the basis for computer
order entry.
2. Information literacy is the foundation of the EHR whereas computer literacy helps the nurse to access data.
3. A nurse can extrapolate data with computer literacy and not information skills.
4. Information literacy forms the basis for ongoing learning whereas computer literacy refers to a familiarity with
the use of personal computers.
Question 5
Type: MCSA
Which statement indicates the appropriate level of informatics competencies to the correct nurse?
1. A nurse informatics specialist extrapolates data to develop best practice model for indwelling catheter care.
2. The novice nurse using a spreadsheet to document medication reactions.
3. An experienced staff nurse creates databases employing SNOMED.
4. A beginning nurse utilizes the Internet to integrate multidisciplinary languages.
Question 6
Type: MCSA
Which statement regarding pressures that drive the health care delivery system today is not accurate?
1. The current and projected nursing shortage may be eliminated by instituting technology enhancements in the
acute care setting.
2. Evidence-based practice is supported with technology that enables the health care provider to utilize up-to-date
research findings.
3. Medication errors and adverse events may be reduced with the implementation of computerized physician order
entry (CPOE).
4. Managed care may utilize disease management to identify clients with chronic conditions, and treat them
effectively to minimize complications and cost.
Question 7
Type: MCSA
Describe at least three factors in the current healthcare delivery system that drive the implementation of
information technology in the acute care setting.
1. Patient safety
2. Nursing shortage
3. Evidence-based practice
4. Increased numbers of digital natives in nursing practice
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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Question 8
Type: MCSA
Which action indicates the nurse is functioning as a knowledge worker?
1. The nurse auscultates hypoactive bowel sounds while doing a client assessment eight hours postoperatively
after abdominal surgery and documents the assessment in the electronic medical record.
2. The nurse administers four units of regular insulin to the client whose blood glucose is 240 at 11:30 a.m. per
physician's sliding scale orders and documents it on the electronic medical administration record.
3. The nurse auscultates diminished breath sounds in a postoperative client the morning after abdominal surgery
and encourages the client to turn, cough, and deep breathe every hour instead of every two hours.
4. The nurse obtains the client's vital signs of BP-120/82, P-112, and R-32, totals up the intake of 1040 ml and the
output of 1100 ml, and records these data in the electronic medical record.
Question 9
Type: MCSA
A disadvantage to the utilization of the electronic medical record (EMR) includes which of the following?
1. Accessibility from several different locations simultaneously and by different levels of providers
2. The intensive training in the beginning needed to prepare staff members to use the EMR
3. Less time available for client care because more time is required for documentation activity
4. Inability to incorporate diagnostic images into the EMR because of space limitations
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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Question 10
Type: MCSA
A nurse manager wishes to hire a new nurse who has just graduated from nursing school. At the beginning level of
informatics competencies, the nurse should be able to do which of the following?
1. Attain informatics nurse certification within six months of beginning practice.
2. Input vital signs and intake and output data in the electronic medical record.
3. Utilize the Internet to review trends in health care information technology.
4. Use an electronic spreadsheet to create staffing rotations.
Question 11
Type: MCSA
In which way does medical informatics overlap with nursing informatics?
1. Medical and nursing informatics focus on the areas of information retrieval.
2. Medical and nursing informatics focus on patients' families.
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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3. Medical and nursing informatics focus on hospital complications.
4. Medical and nursing informatics focus on hospital complications.
Question 12
Type: MCSA
Health care consumers have all the information and tools to make health care choices because they can easily
compare quality and cost of care. Which of the following is correct?
1. This statement is true because the tool has been invented.
2. The statement is false because the tool has not been developed.
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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