Leveraging Global Knowledge on Culture

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Malleon, Ronald Joshua
Morcilla, Mary Jane
Teanila, Andrei Christian
Villafuerte, Ashlyn L.
Case Study Analysis: Tesco PLC: Leveraging Global Knowledge on Culture
Tesco PLC, the United Kingdom-based retailing giant, had been in Asia for a little
over a decade and sales and profits were already comfortably outstripping those in the
UK and other Tesco areas. It has 4331 stores in 14 countries, although the United
Kingdom market still represents the largest source of income. Tesco was founded by Jack
Cohen in 1919 by selling military supplies from world war I, Tesco is one of a group of
market stalls in Hackney London. His company became a readily identifiable feature of
the UK retail scene. Known as a “Pile it high, sell it cheap” retailer with outlets in almost
every town and city, Tesco knew its place in the class-based pecking order of the UK
market, in which chains such as Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer met the needs of
consumers with more disposable income and more refined tastes

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