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Common-Sense Classroom Management

December 13, 2012
Common-Sense Classroom Management
For Middle and High Scholl Teachers
A well-planned classroom space can facilitate management of student behavior. Physical
space needs to be encouraged; as a teacher, you need to provide enough space for your
student to work and comprehend what is going on around them, without distractions of
others. In my art class I will create an organize center. An activity center offers the students
an opportunity to work on projects or activities at his or her own pace. A center needs to be
created so it has a workspace, a place to store tools and materials, and a place to post
Homework and other student work needs to be interesting and complex. Handstion
activities, often called handstion, mindstion activities, engage students investigating a
concept or problem by using tools or manipulating objects. To assess these activities, a
teacher may create a checklist list of the behaviors for which he or she is looking. Class
discussions in which students reflect on the activity also provide insight into the way
students are thinking.
The amount of quality instructional time is one of the most powerful variables in
determining student learning. Because special education programs are designed to meet
individual needs of students, we often erroneously interpret this to mean that we should
lower expectations for students with disabilities. In fact, if students with learning
disabilities are to improve their skills they often must learn at a rate, which exceeds that of
other students. It is important that the teacher and the Para educator convey to the student

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