With today’s study websites for college students, it’s never been easier for students to find the resources that they need to be successful. But what can you find on these study websites, and is it worth paying the monthly fee to unlock their full library of content?

One of the main benefits of using a study website is that you can download full-length textbooks that cover a wide variety of subjects. If you can’t afford your class’s textbook or forgot your book at home, you can hop on a study website and get all the information you need to review the chapter or complete a quiz. You can find textbooks for just about every class, including business, politics, journalism, computer science, humanities, law, science, history and mathematics.

Study guides also give you access to a library of essays and study notes written by students who graduated at the top of your class. This allows you to save time by gathering the most important information, rather than scanning the chapters and trying to write notes of your own. The notes and essays are clear, well-written and easy to read. If you’re having trouble understanding the textbook, sometimes it’s helpful to get a set of notes written by a student just like yourself.

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